I Have a Family?!

I’ve forgotten to use these in the past!



I took a trip to Giant Eagle this morning for a few good deals I found while finally organizing my coupons.

Chex Mix 15 oz. bags.
Original price $3.99
Sale Price $2.00
Then I had coupons for $0.50 off 2 bags which doubled to $1.00 off 2 bags.
All said and done I paid $6.00 for 4 bags which would normally cost $15.96!

OnCor dinners were 5 for $10 when you bought 5. Then I had a coupon for $1.00 off 2. I wish I had more but I pai $9.00 for 5 family sized meals that would normally cost $12.50. These really help stock the fridge now thy we are on baby watch!

Overall I paid $42.66 and saved $30.31!

Last night we hit the jackpot accidentally on candy! Our local Giant Eagle had bags of candy 2 for $1.00! Candy is never that cheap!

Then I remembered that I had coupons for $1.00 off 2 bags of said candy! FREE CHOCOLATE for the pregnant lady!!!!!!


About a month from now, I will probably be writing sitting at home with our baby girl.  It’s crazy to think that what seemed like such a long time to be pregnant is almost over.

I’m really going to miss watching my belly move.  Especially now that she is so big and I can see her roll over and turn.  It’s so much fun to try to guess which body part she has sticking out at a crazy angle.

But when I can no longer do those things, I’ll be able to see her smile and touch her cheek.  Can’t start crying now so I’ll leave it at that!


Daddy put together the stroller and car seat and swing last night. Maybe we will get the base into the car tonight and finish packing the bags for our hospital stay.  Next doctor’s appointment is in the morning!  Can’t wait!


We did a partial shopping trip at Giant Eagle last night and got some staples.  Did better than I expected to be honest.

Total cost was just over $62.00 after coupons.  According to our receipt we saved $17.00 between coupons and weekly specials.

I am LOVING the fact that GE has a lot of holiday staples on sale for $1.00 lately.  We picked up some Stove Top stuffing, gravy and veggies for a dollar each.  Very good way to fill the freezer and cupboards!  We’re still working on all the pasta sauce and noodles from before but I will be doing it again before the price lock ends.

How do the people on all these Extreme Couponing shows get free toilet paper?

I hate to spend money on certain things like bras, toilet paper and chocolate.  They are necessities.

I noticed last night that we are almost out of TP so after work I am heading to CVS with my $4 ECB and my TP coupons to see what magic I can create.


Wish me luck!

Well, last week I treated myself to a  “mental health” day and had myself another little CVS trip.  I think CVS and I are going to be good friends.

I forgot to take a picture of my success but I will try to remember it here.  I walked in with $15.49 in ECB and came home with:

A Schick Razor, baking soda, mascara and some other stuff that I can’t remember. I know I paid $0.79 and got $4 in ECB back. Still a success even if I can’t remember what I got.

I also got a coupon back from the instore coupon machine for $1.00 off their brand of chips, couldn’t find any chips for $1.00 so I’m going to try again.
I was a little sad to see the CVS add this week because I really didn’t see any great deals when I browsed quickly through.  Guess I’ll have to look again.  Or maybe this is a week to learn the tricks at a new store!


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